User Searches

How we save the user searches?

All the information is saved in form of plain-text (no voice of the customer is recorded and stored). You can see from which URL the search is made and from what kind of browser and device. In PRO plans, you can see detailed information on how the users interact with your website, what kind of searches they performed, and on which pages. Our machine learning algorithms extract your week pages, which can be very helpful for you and your business. To summarize the results of searching - our Natural Language Process methods need some data to be collected, so this option is automatically activated when there are enough user searches to be processed.

Does a user get e prompt that the browser will use their microphone?

Yes, as this is browser functionality, the customer should give their permission to access the microphone. It becomes a straightforward process to allow the microphone as with technology growes.

Do you respect user privacy?

Yes, customer privacy is a high priority for us. That's why users can interact with our widget only if they allow the microphone in the browser.