Stop Typing. Start Talking: How speech recognition will change the future of websites
Voice Recognition
May 4, 2021

Stop Typing. Start Talking: How speech recognition will change the future of websites

We run in a world where everything should be fast, easy to find, and easy to use. Your customers don't have much time, and they are willing to receive your service now, without additional effort. But how can you help them? Indeed, a perfectly organized website, menus, and visuals can improve the situation, but maybe we can add something. Yes, that is voice search and voice typing!

Introducing voice typing

By allowing people to type with their voice, we are going beyond desktop typing. Now you can speak commands to your website, and you'll get the response instantly. What if you want to say, "Write an article," but you don't have the content yet? Simply start typing, and the computer will provide you the necessary information. No more writing. Have you ever tried to go to the pricing page with speech? You can do it now! Just say, "pricing," and you will go there. Now, what if you want to show all the images from a particular category? Or all pictures of certain animals? I can guarantee that at least one person will complain about how hard it is to show a group of animals from a specific category, and you know why? They cannot even type.

Customers can also fill out forms or input with voice. It will be much easier for them, if they want to type more than few words. And they surely wants.

Type with Voice feature

Introducing voice recognition

By "voice search" we mean both speech recognition and voice input. Voice search will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and discover new products or services, requiring more knowledge and more effort for someone who doesn't speak English or other languages. As you are already aware, Google Translate can already recognize one language by the accent of the person who says it and how they speak. You can talk to Google Translate. It's even got "Yasssssssss!" as an option. You can ask Google, "Where is the nearest Mcdonald's?" and the computer will recognize what you are asking and give you a map with a location. We all know that computers can recognize multiple languages, so the question is, what else can they do?

How speech recognition will change websites

The way people find products on the internet has radically changed in the last ten years. Traditional search engines were aimed at directing users to the right site, and they became much more helpful because of the increase in the number of sites available to the public. Today, people browse with their voice via digital assistants (Google Home, Amazon Echo) or their keyboards (iPhone, Mac OS, iOS, Safari browser). On mobile phones, voice search is often turned on by default simply because it's so intuitive. But now, it's time to come up with something new. A great way to stand out speech recognition doesn't rely on location or browser preferences, it doesn't depend on standard protocols, and it doesn't rely on plugins or extensions.

What are the benefits of including voice recognition on your website?

Your users will receive more user interaction – they can ask you anything, and you will be able to reply to them. They will receive more user interaction – they can ask you anything, and you will respond to them. People will buy more on your site if they can quickly find what they are looking for with the help of a voice assistant. Customers will be able to search and purchase from your site without typing anything on their devices. Your customers can read up to five times more information through a voice command than through typing.

speech recognition for websitees

How to integrate speech recognition on your website

The idea of building a website without any other voice input possibilities makes no sense. You will lose a big part of your potential customers. You will never understand what they want. That's why your website needs to be redesigned efficiently. But why will your website need this improvement? Lack of personalization: You will miss all the services you provide to your current customers, and you won't be able to be of any use to your future customers. Some of them will not need the information you offer. Lack of efficiency: You will lose a big part of the potential to reach your potential customers. You will need to learn more about their needs. Voxpow installation is straightforward, with just a few lines of JavaScript. And can start work immediately, without any considerable effort.


It may sound extraordinary to you. How can you improve the website experience and make your customers happy? But you should know that this is the future. Your website, mobile app, and search results will be filled with text, videos, and pictures. This is the future! Here is how it will happen: Voice search will become brighter. With better voice recognition and much better human voice and speech recognition technology, websites will appear in your search results and answer your questions. Using the voice search feature for your website, your customers will be able to call you, show you what they want, and express their requests. Voice typing will be easier to use. People will be able to type to you without any effort. You can hear their questions or opinions.

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