WordPress plugin

Check our WordPress free plugin for Speech Recognition. It will help you install the voice tracker even faster.

It’s no secret that WordPress is one of the most popular ways to build a website. That's why we decide to make a separate WordPress integration, despite the fact that installation of Voxpow tracker is quite easy.

Please find out WordPress plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/voxpow/


Plugin installation is easy. First, you have to search for "voxpow" in the official WordPress directory. After finding our module (with the logo you see on our site), you can install it like every WordPress plugin.


Our Speech Recognition plugin has only two options - tracker ID and API key. The API key is global for your user account, and you can find it in your profile. It is a long string, and you should not reveal it to third parties, as it should be a secret.

The tracker ID is the code of your tracker, starting with "vp-". It consists from the prefix "vp-" + numbers. You have to insert the whole part in the field.

After entering the correct credentials and press "Save all changes" button, you will see the notice "Speech Tracker is enabled". On the frontend part of the site, you should already see the voxpow widget.

Alternative approaches

If you don't want to use our plugin for some reason, you can find and use every plugin, which can insert code in the body section (for example, "Insert Headers and Footers" or "Header and Footer Scripts").

Also, Google Tag Manager is a good option.

Please be aware that you have only one installation code in your website.