Speech-to-Text conversion

Speech-to-Text enables easy integration of speech recognition technologies into developer applications.

Speech-to-text, also known as speech recognition, enables real-time transcription of audio streams into text. Your applications, tools, or devices can consume, display, and take action on this text as command input. It seamlessly works with the translation and text-to-speech service offerings. For a full list of available speech-to-text languages, see supported languages.

Send audio and receive a text transcription from the Speech-to-Text API service.

  • transcribe your content in real time or from stored files;
  • deliver a better user experience in products through voice commands;
  • gain insights from customer interactions to improve your service.

It is possible to catch all user speech and use it for typing and searching. Security is an essential topic for us, so the user can only fill text inputs that are not disabled or hidden. It is not allowed to type passwords or in hidden fields.

Voxpow service trying to find all input or text fields on a particular page, and when the voice tracker is activated, and the user clicks on a text or input field, he sees the change in the widget, inviting him to write with voice. Everything from now on will be converted to text with the power of speech-to-text cloud conversion.

What is Speech-To-Text

Speech-To-Text is an advanced technology based on AI and machine learning algorithms. Many big tech giants are investing in technology to develop more robust systems. Voxpow is a new player in the world of speech to text conversion.

Voxpow is a service that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules, coupled with acoustic and language models.

The modules are further improved by advanced machine learning technology that accurately processes voice patterns and converts them into text. Our pronunciation model implemented in Voxpow recognizes words, vocabularies, and different accents. Thus, it is a universal speech to text conversion tool and one of its kind.

API Benefits

Low latency

We produce real-time captions with limited lag.

Advanced punctuation and capitalization

We use natural language processing to produce transcripts that are highly accurate, fully punctuated, context-aware, and readable.

Custom vocabulary

Share unique names, industry-specific terminology, and more to improve the accuracy of your transcripts.

Filter profanity

Quickly filter ~920 potentially offensive words from your captions.


See the start time and end time for each word and sentence.

Noise robustness

Our Speech-to-Text services can handle noisy audio from many environments without requiring additional noise cancellation.

Domain-specific models

Choose from a selection of trained models for voice control and phone call and video transcription optimized for domain-specific quality requirements. There is an option to perform training in your specific domain per request.

Other important facts

  • enabling users to search audio content for words or phrases;
  • audio-to-text conversion accuracy rates of greater than 96%;
  • typical search queries with latency of just 50 milliseconds.

Why Choose Voxpow Speech to Text Conversion Service

Voxpow is an advanced tool that uses the most advanced systems to provide one of the best transcription quality. The system uses high-quality voice recognition models designed specifically for delivering over 95% accuracy in the conversion of voice to text.

We implemented sophisticated modules that process and analyze over 100 languages. It recognizes dialect, language, type of speech, application domain, and communication channels.

Unlike other speech to text conversion tools that can yield some errors, the benchmark is 90% accuracy.

Voxpow is a tool that understands natural language and other factors, such as the speech style and the speaker’s accent. So, the tool has made it easy to recognize the voice, identify patterns, remove distortion, filter the voice, and convert it into text.

Voxpow is a versatile tool that offers a wide range of features, and that’s the reason many users are opting for the service. Not only it provides an advanced speech-to-text system, but it also offers voice commands for websites, command and control, audio transcription, as well as text dictation.

The tool has included state-of-the-art features in terms of adaptation, learning, size of vocabulary, memory constraints, accent recognition, natural language processing, etc. Thus, it is one of the best tools you can find online.

Benefits of our Speech-to-Text Conversion

The most exciting features of Voxpow are speed and affordability. Our software system produces fast results in real-time situations. Compared to other services available online, Voxpow is affordable, and you can even try the free version of the service.

Many speech-to-text apps charge per minute, but this is not the case with Voxpow, as we have different type of pricing and free trials.