Partner program

Install Voxpow on your clients and friends websites and get up to 30% in recurring commissions from every payment

We offer a partner program with a few types of usage. The ultimate goal is to stimulate our partners and reward them with money for popularizing Voxpow.

You have three possibilities to join our partner program:

  • make subaccounts and get 30% of your client payments;
  • offer affiliate links and get 20% of affiliate payments;
  • post an article for Voxpow and install a voice tracker on your website for free (the most basic plan).

Which program is best fit for you?

Find a simple mapping for the typical usaces. The list is not exhaustive, but can give you a general idea of each program purpose.

  • own webagency? -> subaccounts, affiliate links
  • freelance web developer -> subaccounts, affiliate links
  • SEO master -> affiliate links
  • media owner -> affiliate links
  • tech blog -> affiliate links, article for Voxpow
  • university -> article for Voxpow

Let's describe the three methods in more detail to choose the right for you.

Subaccounts (30% reward)

It is designed mainly for web agencies or freelance developers. You need to have an account in Voxpow and then create subaccounts in form of Voice Trackers and assign them to your customers. You and your client can make the settings in the Voice Trackers. Your client pays the price for the service and you got a 30% of all his payments. Including the renewals. You get paid every single time a customer pays for the PRO version of Voxpow.

If you make one subaccount and that customer pays €100 every month to Voxpow, you will get €30 monthly. It is 30% of everything that the people that signed up through you (as a partner) pay to Voxpow, forever.

Affiliated links (20% reward)

This is an appropriate choice for owners of strong websites, SEO professionals, and link builders. The idea is simple: create your account, grab your affiliate link and make as many good articles for promoting Voxpow. Every user, by default, is in our affiliate program. When someone registers throw this link and buy a PRO tracker, you will get a 20% off the price paid. This type includes the renewal payments as well.

You can receive banners and marketing materials by request. You can create Content, Social Media, Email campaigns, Advertising Campaigns, Videos, etc. Everything you do to promote your own business, you can do to promote Voxpow. The only difference is that you don’t have to create anything. We can provide marketing resources.

Posting an article & Install Voxpow (forever free usage on one tracker)

It is a good fit for academic or learning websites, who are passionate about the technology. They got a free installation for the core features of Voxpow. It is almost like the PRO trackers, but limited for high usage (max 100 000 CDN hits/month; 10 000 requests/month). In favor of the free usage, you need to write and post an article for Voxpow, describing what you like, how you find the tool or something related on your choice.

To get this partner offer, there is some simple rules:

  • make the article by your own (not copy from somewhere else). Not need to be in academic style, your own words are totally fine;
  • artiicle should be at least 250 words;
  • put a dofollow link to Voxpow website.

That's it! And you get your Voice Tracker free forever.

If you need detailed information about each specific case, you can always write us an email or contact us via the contact form.

Voxpow affiliate program

How to join the program

Fill the form below and get throw simple aproval process. Start the process with email to [email protected] with a few sentences for you. Write us - what type of program works best for you.

Do you have any additional questions? Browse our Affiliate FAQ section