Affiliate program

An affiliate program with great benefits ✓ Speech Recognition ✓ Voice searching directly to your website. Easy installation and a single point of control.

Earn money by promoting your favorite voice trackers! Every user, by default, is in our affiliate program. You are supplied with a range of banners by request. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website, and our affiliate tracking system tracks their activity. If they sign up, you get 20% of the sale.

High commission percentage

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money too! All affiliates receive 20% of each sale, which is an excellent percent..

Commission on subscription and renewals too

Unlike industry-standard, we also pay out commissions on yearly renewals. That means that you will continue making money each year as customers pay their yearly renewal fees to continue using our service.

Do you have any additional questions? Browse our Affiliate FAQ section