About Voxpow

Voxpow is a voice technology company headquartered in Bulgaria. Our company provides cloud-based speech recognition services. Enabling users to add voice control and search to almost any website and helps them navigates the website.

What we do in short

Adds speech recognition and voice commands to a website easily. Allow customers to use their voice and interact with the site. Allow users to type with voice (speech-to-text conversion). Voxpow uses the built- in modern browser speech API’s, extending this functionality and giving an additional value, like saving searches, statistic modules and voice commands. Benefits in short:

  1. Allowing customers to interact easily with a website and not spend too much time on typing/searching.
  2. Modules to measure and improve conversion (tool for optimizing revenue).
  3. NLP tools to perform sentiment analysis.

Voxpow enables businesses to adopt voice recognition through just a few lines of code. This is a simple way to add cutting-edge voice recognition to any website.


Voxpow is committed to making voice recognition more widely accessible, empowering websites, and businesses to offer their users and customers better experiences through usability and comfort. We are working to simplify voice recognition so that all websites and companies can tap into it.


We believe that the internet's future is voice recognition, platforms moving away from traditional interfaces, and we are proud to lead the way there. At Voxpow, people know that they can find cutting-edge voice recognition tools, and because of those tools, we are expanding the reach of the technology as a whole. Our vision is one of an entire internet powered by voice recognition.

About Voxpow

Voxpow is pioneering a new way to think about recognition, shifting people's perception of the technology. While many website owners and business managers may currently believe that voice recognition is outside their reach, available only to huge corporations that produce smartphones and automobiles, the reality is that the technology has become accessible – thanks to Voxpow. In this way, Voxpow is a democratizing force, pushing through the exclusivity and privilege associated with voice recognition and opening it up to larger numbers of people.

Recognizing that users are becoming more amenable to voice recognition, accepting it in other areas of their lives, from the way that they shop on their smartphones to the way that they look up information on search engines, Voxpow is working to spread the technology even further, enabling websites to adapt it to their own platforms, using it to search through text, to navigate interfaces, and to interact with online systems.

This is not only about the users, though. The primary audience for Voxpow is, in fact, the website owners and business managers themselves. To them, Voxpow is intriguing because of what it can do to help them position themselves for the future, integrating voice recognition into their offerings before their competitors do. On top of that, website owners and business managers can track their users' behaviors and interactions with voice recognition technology via the Voxpow dashboard.

Working from a series of principles – accessibility, usability, flexibility – Voxpow is reshaping the internet by speeding up the introduction of voice recognition, which has already taken root in Internet of Things (IoT) devices but which has lagged behind for websites and businesses that lack the giant budgets that major corporations boast. Our goal is, thus, to make voice recognition make sense for website owners and business managers. We are facilitating their transition into technology that they have already used, showing them that they can use that technology anywhere that they go on the internet and anything that they do on it.

All of this said, we are in essence establishing Voxpow not so much as the developer of a new technology as the bridge between that technology and those who feel that it is outside their reach. This may seem less glamorous than introducing new technology, but it is the foundation for fast and widespread adoption: while Voxpow is cutting-edge, advanced, and fresh, it is gifting website owners and business managers access to tools with which they should already feel comfortable. There is no reason for them to learn anything new because they have already used voice recognition systems on their smart devices – and understand what an impact it can make on user experience.

By setting up Voxpow as a facilitator, we make it easier for our users to grasp why our technology can make a difference for them, in effect telling them that we can put their tech offerings on the same level as juggernauts like Apple, Google, and Amazon.


The company is run by a small, distributed team. Everyone has a lot of responsibilities and tasks, but always do the job with maximum passion.

Roadmap & Changelog

You can take a look at our detailed public roadmap or watch the changelog here.