Natural Language Processing

NLP module for voice searches and commands

We are happy to announce the features of our NLP module (Natural Language Processing), which will help you better understand your customers' wants and says.

But what is NLP in general?

Natural Language Processing, usually shortened as NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with computers and humans using the natural language.

NLP's ultimate objective is to read, decipher, understand, and make sense of the human languages in a valuable manner.

Our NLP techniques rely on machine learning to derive meaning from human languages such as sentiment analysis and part of speech tagging.

How to use NLP module in Voxpow

When you created a tracker and users perform some voice searches and commands, you can see them in your dashboard (may vary depends on your settings).

After that, we perform a background task to identify the specific sentiment and perform detailed text analysis of each sentence. That could need a short amount of time, but in general, you should see your analyzed results a few seconds after we receive them in our system.

The main useful features are to detect:

  • sentiment analysis of your customers - are they are saying something joyful or not;
  • part of speech tagging - distinguish verb, adjectives, nouns, etc.

As a website owner - it will be an additional source of knowledge and will help you for sure to understand what customers want.

Languages supported in NLP module

You need to be aware that we are supporting a limited amount of languages for the NLP module. That list will be extending with the time, but for now, we support:

  • English;
  • German;
  • Spanish;
  • Italian;
  • Portuguese;
  • French;
  • Japanese;
  • Korean;
  • Arabic;
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Please keep in mind that those limitations are only in the NLP module, global language support list you can found here.

If your tracker uses some of the languages above, you will see the button to the "Text Analysis" section.

Natural Language Processig module in Voxpow

After receiving some voice searches and commands from the users, you will notice that some analysis pieces start to show you in the NLP section.

NLP Analysis module

You can check the sentiment analysis field, which is assigned to each specific user search. There are four options, which are self-describing:

  • MIXED;

To see the full power of natural language processing, you should take a look at longer phrases, as sometimes, it is challenging to extract sentiment from one world (but is also possible).

Sentiment analysis

The first rule in statistics is that data is essential in an aggregated manner. You will probably want to take a look at aggregated stats from your users and find out if they are happy, angry, or have a neutral condition. It is easy to achieve that in aggregated NLP stats, which you can find in your tracker detail page if the tracker's language is available for processing.

NLP Aggregated data

More about NLP module

Voxpow uses the NLP module in the Speech-To-Text conversion. The module makes it easy for our advanced system to easily hear speech, analyze it, and convert it into readable text. The aim is to speed up the process of conversion.

Natural language processing is essential as it resolves a wide range of ambiguities in language. At the same time, it supports useful data structures for applications, like text analytics and voice recognition. That’s why Voxpow is increasingly proving itself as the best tool ever.

The NLP module allows Voxpow to become the number tool for businesses. Companies can use the tool to get insights from their customers. Similarly, the voice to speech technology by Voxpow improves productivity, produces efficiency, and yields a higher return on investment (ROI).

Unlike other tools, Voxpow offers data analytics, which is a great way to analyze data through the voice to text input. It is, likewise, a more sophisticated way to introduce NLP in your business environment.

Voxpow uses advanced NLP, which improves contextual understanding of the voice. The software does it through numbers and vectors that represent words. So, instead of just comprehending the voice as words, the NLP system incorporated in Voxpow enables it to understand similar words and phrases fast and effectively.