Browser comptability

List with available devices and browser compatibility

Voxpow works with all browsers that implement the Speech Recognition interface of the Web Speech API (such as Google Chrome, Samsung Internet and other).

We believe in progressive enhancement and so if the user's browser does not support speech recognition, our service will fail quietly without disturbing the user.

Speech Recognition API compatible browsers

Full list with browsers which currently has implemented Speech Recognition API can be found here.

A common question we receive is about comptability with iOS. Unfortunately, Chrome on iOS does not support the Speech Recognition APIs toolset. Following Apple's requirements for browsers released through the App Store, the iOS version of Chrome uses the iOS WebKit – which is Apple's own mobile rendering engine, developed for Safari. That means that Chrome on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is more Safari than Chrome. But Voxpow is not causing any errors in this direction, just will fail quietly and not show the voice widget.