Frequently asked questions for our service. Please read all the questions, before sending a support ticket.

Voxpow uses built-in browser API-s, some third party JavaScript libraries, and a ton of custom code to allow your visitors to use their voice for searching, typing and sending voice commands to your website.

What are "Commands" in the context of Voxpow?

Commands are instructions that you set in the administrative dashboard of our service. They are spread all around the world with CDN, and all users have the last copy of your instructions. Commands, in a nutshell, are something like this: "make this if a user says that". For example, if a user says "red shoes", and you defined this type of search in your commands interface - the user is redirected to the address you specified or to the website search if you don't have a command for that.

Should I change the tracker code on every new command or search message change?

No, you don't have to change the tracking code at all. Our goal is to have a unique, persistent tracking code and all the changes to be performed with JavaScript internal methods and APIs. We use CDN invalidation when you set new commands or change something in your settings. That means that every user of your website should get a new copy of your instructions as fast as possible. In PRO trackers, changes are taking place in 1 to 10 minutes, spread around the world.

Where and how I can test functionalities

You can perform some tests on our website, performing a search in the blog articles. You can also try to say "pricing" and see how voice commands works.

If you want to test to an e-commerce website, you can check https://speechdemo.com/. You can try voice typing in some of the aricles (bottom part) or go to a product and say "add to cart". You can also try "checkout" and "cart" commands.

What languages are supported?

At all, it depends on browsers, but you can find a list and additional information here.

Which browsers are supported?

Voxpow works with all browsers that implement the Speech Recognition interface of the Web Speech API (such as Google Chrome, Samsung Internet, and other). You can find a more detailed explanation here.

Why I don't see trackers on iOS?

Unfortunately, Chrome on iOS does not support the Speech Recognition APIs toolset. Following Apple's requirements for browsers released through the App Store, the iOS version of Chrome uses the iOS WebKit – which is Apple's own mobile rendering engine, developed for Safari. That means that Chrome on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is more Safari than Chrome.

What is the command "Exact match => Redirection"?

It is a type of command available in PRO trackers. If use says "last news", you can redirect him to the exact page with the last news. It matches exact, so if he says "last news from today", your "Exact match => Redirection" command is not fired. Instead - Voxpow will fallback to your website search page if you have such.

What is the command "Part match => Redirection"?

It is a type of command available in PRO trackers. As the name says, it matches part of the sentence. For example, if you make a command for the word "shoes", and the user says: "shoes from leather", your command is matched, and the action is triggered. It is good practice to see what your customers search in the admin panel and after that to specify the different types of commands.

What is the command "Part match => JS Action"?

It is a type of command available in PRO trackers. It is the most potent command, where you can define some custom rules. For example, you can start a phone call, open a map, show a subscription form, show a personalized message, show a personalized calculation, and much more. Contact us if you need more information about this.

What is a "Region" in the tracker settings?

The region is where the central server is placed. Depends on your location - you can see different regions - Europe, the USA, Asia, and others. The main reason is to achieve the best speed for user search saving functionality.

What is a "Domain" in the context of Voxpow tracker?

The domain is something fundamental when you settle your tracker. Please insert a valid domain where the tracking code will be installed. If you specify wrong domain, some of the functions of the tracker may not work. We take some security measures to allow commands and function execution only from this domain.

What is a "Search message" in the context of Voxpow tracker?

The search message is the message which will be shown to the customers. They see this, and it should be something that will make them open the tracker widget.

What is a "Write message" in the context of Voxpow tracker?

The write message is the text which the customer sees if he starts using the typing with voice service. In other words, it changes when there is a switch from "Searching with voice" to "Typing with voice".

What is a "Theme" in the context of Voxpow tracker?

The theme is the pre-build design from which you can choose. It is how your voice tracker looks, so it is crucial to choose carefully. There are two big choices - left or right, which stand for where the tracker appears on your website. Please pay attention if you have some chat widgets or additional tools, which can overlap the voice tracker.

What is a "Search URL" in the context of Voxpow tracker?

The search URL is the address that is used from your website to perform a search. Generally speaking, it is related to your CMS or type of website. Usually includes a GET parameter, like this "https://example.com/?q=". WordPress sites should be something like this "https://examplewp.com/?s=". For Magento sites, it is possible to be in this format "https://examplemg.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=".

One of the best ways to find it is to perform a search and see how it is made.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content, including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. In Voxpow we use one of the fastest CDN to serve our configuration files to achieve the best possible performance.

Why are JS files CDNized?

Configuration files are inside servers all around the globe in order your customer to has the ability to load the configurations from the nearest location. JavaScript files are just about 3KB, but we prefer to have fast loading even the size is so tiny.

What is CDN Invalidation?

CDN Invalidation is some kind of cache refresh of the CDN. Once an object is cached, it usually remains in the cache until it expires or is evicted to make room for new content. Our configuration files are usually cached for the fastest performance, but sometimes we would need to refresh the cache. That is most of the time when the tracker settings have changed and the settings must apply. For the PRO trackers, usually, CDN Validation is taking time in 1 or 10 minutes.

Will the JavaScript files slow down my website?

No, we use one of the fastest content delivery networks, and the files are very tiny at all. For PRO trackers - you can enable to keep the user search in order of plain-text. In that situation, we also make sure that our servers respond as fast as possible to remember what the user searches.

Can Voxpow be used to capture the full text spoken by the user?

Yes, it is possible to catch all user speech and use it for typing and searching. Security is an essential topic for us, so the user can only fill text inputs that are not disabled or hidden. It is not allowed to type passwords or in hidden fields.

Can I see what the customer is searching for?

Yes, it is totally possible in PRO plans. All the information is saved in form of plain-text (no voice of the customer is recorded and stored). You can see from which URL the search is made and from what kind of browser and device. In PRO plans, you can see detailed information on how the users interact with your website, what kind of searches they performed, and on which pages. Our machine learning algorithms extract your week pages, which can be very helpful for you and your business. To summarize the results of searching - our Natural Language Process methods need some data to be collected, so this option is automatically activated when there are enough user searches to be processed.

Is the user asked that trackers utilize voice recognition?

Yes, as this is browser functionality, the customer should give their permission to access the microphone. It becomes a straightforward process to allow the microphone as with technology growes.

Can I make custom voice commands?

Yes, you can match only part of the sentence, exact sentence, or write custom (advanced commands). At all, it depends on what you want to achieve, but we have the full set of methods in PRO trackers, where you can write advanced JavaScript.

Can I use advanced JavaScript code to respond to searches?

Yes, that is possible with PRO trackers. It is the most powerful voice command which can be added to your website. For example, you can start a phone call, open a map, show a subscription form, show a personalized message, show a personalized calculation, and much more. Contact us if you need more information about this.

What payment methods are allowed?

If you decide to go PRO, we only accept PayPal subscriptions and card (processed by PayPal). For the moment, we don't accept any other methods.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to hear that, but yes, you can always do that in the admin section of PayPal. Please find detailed instructions here.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we have. You can use our API to get all the information related to trackers. For example - to get a list of all user searches, performed on your website, or see all the commands which you entered in the admin section. Every user has a secret token, which in combination with tracker id, can give you the results. In all cases, this kind of information is also available on the dashboard. You can use the API for some advanced integrations.

What are the terms and conditions in the Affiliate program?

We have an affiliate program that can help you earn real money. By default, every user has a particular link for sharing, which can be used in articles, news, and other types of content. After every registration, which is made from this link - you see that someone registered. After payment, you receive a 20 % from the subscription at the end of next month. We have separate sections whit more questions and answers, related to affiliates. Please find it here.

What CMS you support?

Our service is not related to a particular CMS or system. Tracking code can be installed directly in your body tag or via tag management system (like Google Tag Manager).

What to do in case of a problem with the installation?

In case of a problem, you can read the faq sections carefully, find our troubleshooting page here, and if you still don't find the answer - send a ticket to our system with a detailed explanation of your issue.

Does your service work on HTTP or only on HTTPS?

Yes, the speech recognition API works extensively on the secure protocol. So your website must be served over HTTPS connection. It is good practice to implement a redirection (301 or 302) to the version with an SSL certificate, so http://example.com/page-a -> 301 -> https://example.com/page-a. That will guarantee that the voice tracker will work all of the time.

Why I cannot see the voice tracker from my mobile device?

When the device is not currently supported by Speech Recognition API and doesn't meet current browser support, we don't show anything on that device. That is the desired behavior as we don't want to show error messages and other similar information. For example, if you use an iPhone to check your tracker - you will be not able to see it, as this device currently didn't support browser speech recognition capabilities in full state. But more than 80% of the users are covered, so it is worth to install and use the voice recognition in your website.