Affiliate FAQ

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When is the commission paid?

We pay the commissions in the middle of next month. We check that all affiliates are real persons, which made real payments and made a transfer of your profit. We have a dashboard where you can keep track of all this process.

How does the commission pay?

We transfer your commission to a verified from your profile email address. You can choose to which address we should send you your profit, but it should be verified and added and your account. We use only PayPal to pay the commissions.

Do I receive money for renewing of subscriptions?

Yes, our affiliate program continues to calculate your profit if the user made a payment to his active subscription. So, in short, it is related to every payment, made from a give affiliate.

Can I see which customer I brought?

You can see only part of his email, not the full email address. We made this for security reasons, but it is good enough to verify that the affiliate tracking system is working.

Can I see my affiliate turnover?

Yes, you can see in the form of numbers. You are not able to see which tracker has renewed, what kind of payment is done, etc.