Roadmap and Changelog

Roadmap & Changelog can give you a clear view of what we're working on currently

Here you can find our roadmap with planned activities, ideas, and current tasks progress: public roadmap

What is important there:

  • vote for any idea which you find useful. That will help us a lot;
  • submit your new insights via the contact form on our website;
  • monitor the progress of current tasks & planned activities.

We made this to give you a clear view into what we're working on, what we're about to work on, and what we're thinking about working on.


  • 18.07.2020 - NLP module improvements
  • 18.07.2020 - Sentiment analysis aggregated view
  • 11.07.2020 - Google Analytics synchronization and sending events
  • 11.07.2020 - Advanced statistics module for each tracker and whole account