Voice commands

Add voice commands to your site easy

A research record says, 65% of smart speaker owners say that they do not want to go back to a life without a voice-controlled assistant. Smart speakers are going to change the ways of data browsing. Have that you tried searching content through voice commands? That is where digital online marketing comes into play. All of the Search engine optimization you do on your web site have to rely on voice commands as well. Now imagine that you can insert this technology into a website? Sounds good, isn't it!

Voice Commands to your website

Voice commands in the context of Voxpow give you the ability to define custom rules, which can correspond to some use searches.

Commands are instructions that you set in the administrative dashboard of our service. They are spread all around the world with CDN, and all users have the last copy of your instructions. Commands, in a nutshell, are something like this: "make this if a user says that". For example, if a user says "red shoes", and you defined this type of search in your commands interface - the user is redirected to the address you specified or to the website search if you don't have a command for that.

Why to use Voice Commands

When it comes to voice commands, they are specific voice queries used to search for information on a particular website. Although it is not easy to use the technology for a website, you can overcome the difficulty with the best voice assistant tool known as Voxpow.

Undoubtedly, you will find a variety of voice assistant tools online, but Voxpow is one of the first tool of its kind. Our platform is designed specifically for websites and businesses that want to improve their search capabilities for users and customers.

We supports more than 100 languages with accuracy over 95%. The tool enables websites’ users to use their voice and search the site efficiently, using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms backed AI technology to provide the best experience.

It is a tool that you can install instantly on your site. First, you have to sign up on the site to receive a small code snippet, which you can insert in the HTML and body sections of your site’s code. Every time a user uses the tool, it will ask for permission to use the mic, but you can also control that in the dashboard.

Although our tool has a free trial, you can access advanced functionalities with the premium version, which includes search statistics and analytics, URL analysis, word search reports, and the NLP module.

We have designed a high-quality and efficient system for our clients across the world. Now, you can use the code snippets easily in your website HTML structure without any hassle.

Benefits of Voice Recognition technology

If you are a business owner and selling products online, our service can help you promote and market your products quickly based on voice-oriented commands. With Voxpow, your customer will avoid typing queries in the search bar to look for products and services.

For instance, if you are running an eCommerce site that has thousands of products, it often takes time for the user to search for a desirable outcome. On the other hand, when your customer uses his or her voice to search for the product, they can have better searching experience.

When the customer makes a voice request, Voxpow converts the audio recording into text using its advanced Speech-To-Text technology. Keep in mind that technology is based on cutting-edge machine learning and AI algorithms.