Voice Tracker Settings

Use voice typing in text and input fields

Mark this if you want to give more control of that how visitors can type in your site. If this setting is turned off - speech recognition will only work to search on the website, but not try to identify text fields. That could be helpful for some cases, but most of the time, you will want to provide your customers also the ability to type with voice.

Save user searches

Should we keep track of the user searches? All types of user-related data are saved in the form of plain text. We are not keeping the real voices of the customer. If this setting is switched on, we are trying to keep all user searches on your website. It is included searches via the search URL, sending voice commands, or even typing in text fields. Most likely, you will want to have this option enabled, as it will give you the additional benefit to analyze what your customer wants and how they interact with your website.

Remember status option

Should we remember when the user clicks the button to turn on Speech Recognition? Use this setting is something different than the browser's ability to save HTTPS/HTTP choice for allowing the voice transmission. It is for tracker level this time, as for example, users will keep seeing that widget is opened and listening even they refresh the page. This option is used on a website with many input fields, where the "Type with voice" option is actively used. But it can also be turned on in any kind of website.

Show the tracker only for mobile devices

By default, it shows to everyone. Turn on "Show only on mobile devices" to restrict the desktop users to use Voxpow. It is a better decision for most of the use-cases, voice trackers to be available to all devices.

Send events to Google Analytics on different important user actions

One of our Voxpow most wanted features was synchronization with Google Analytics. It is now a fact, and you can easily enjoy seeing your data in the Google Analytics dashboard.

The idea is simple: send events to Google Analytics and take the whole context for your website visitors to perform an advanced analysis of how users are using voice technologies and how much they are worth you.

You can find a more detailed explanation on the features page for Google Analytics synchronization.