Available API methods

We have an API which will help you build custom solution, based on our voice trackers.

API base


Trackers API

We support GET requests to view almost all tracker related information. For authorization, you need to supply your API token, which is global to your user account, and you can find it in your profile.

Trackers endpoint


* where [tracker-id] is the code of the tracker with prefix "vp-"

Authorization header

'Authorization: Token g177113c541ac26fe5d421f5db7155eac309cee2'

Example call (CURL)

curl https://voxpow.com/api/v1/trackers/vp-16045754886/ -H 'Authorization: Token g177113c541ac26fe5d421f5db7155eac309cee2'



Blog API

We provide simple, rate-limited API if you want to fetch all blog articles. Citation is mandatory! Please use it instead of crawling our website periodically. We are producing very often new content for speech and voice recognition, machine learning, and NLP.

Keep in mind, API will work without token but will have some rate limits. If you send a request with a token, the limits will be much higher.

Articles endpoint


Authorization header

'Authorization: Token g177113c541ac26fe5d421f5db7155eac309cee2'

Example call (CURL) (Limited)

curl https://voxpow.com/api/v1/articles/

Example call (CURL) (Not Limited)

curl https://voxpow.com/api/v1/articles/ -H 'Authorization: Token g177113c541ac26fe5d421f5db7155eac309cee2'


  "count": 1,
  "next": null,
  "previous": null,
  "results": [
      "url": "https://voxpow.com/blog/history-and-usage-voice-control/",
      "date": "2020-01-03",
      "excerpt": "The first electronic speech synthesizer was invented by Homer Dudley, a Bell associate, in 1937. The device is called the Voder. And the first to get involved in speech recognition using electronics is the Soviet physicist Lev Myasnikov - he worked on it in 1939 as part of his dissertation "Technical Phonetics".",
      "header_image": {
        "url": "https://cdn.voxpow.com/media/original_images/girl-use-speech-recognition.jpg",
        "title": "girl-use-speech-recognition.jpg",
        "width": 1440,
        "height": 900
      "categories": [
          "name": "Voice Recognition",
          "slug": "voice-recognition"