How voice assistants are changing our lifestyle
Voice Recognition
Aug. 22, 2020

How voice assistants are changing our lifestyle

It is no surprise to tell you that we are living in times of advanced, cutting-edge technology. People are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning technology. Research shows that over 45 million people in the United States use voice assistants, including smart speakers.

People already know about Apple Home Pod, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. More and more companies are investing in developing smart technologies, including voice assistants. Today, we use Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa for different tasks, which include weather forecast, listening to music, setting timers, thermostats, security systems, etc.

In today’s article, we will tell you how voice assistants are changing our lifestyles. Make sure you read the post thoroughly so that you understand how cutting-edge technology is positively affecting our day-to-day lives. Before we jump into the main topic, let us talk about voice assistant applications. Read on!

Voice Assistant Applications

In general, voice assistants are programs and apps which are developed using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Digital assistants are used for customer interaction, which means artificial intelligence are implementing more sophisticated algorithms to learn from the available data. The purpose is to improve the technology so that it predicts the user’s needs in a better manner.

Assistants include cognitive technologies that allow digital assistance for improved comprehension and conduction of multi-step requests. The most popular voice assistants are Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistance.

Companies are making substantial efforts to make necessary changes in AI services, which will lead to better computer power and enhance voice recognition technology. Let us now tell you how voice assistants are changing our lifestyle. Continue reading!

Technology Trends

Voice assistants and conversational user edges are the most common trends in technology. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook keenly follow the direction so that they have a better market share. Voice assistants are progressing at an exponential rate in different sectors, such as banking, healthcare, government, security, construction, retail, etc.

For the last few years, context-based understating is a breakthrough in voice assistance technology, which is now becoming a key component in people’s lives. Customers wish to have personalized experiences in dealing with this type of technology. Personalization, in particular, is an integral part of voice technology.

eCommerce & Retail

Voice assistants have become an essential part of the eCommerce and retail sectors. Voice commerce is a technology, which provides an easy-to-use alternative for keyboard and mouse.

For instance, eCommerce sites are incorporating voice assistants, which means a customer can use voice commands to search for a product, choose among the list, place the order, and purchase the item.

The incorporation of voice assistants on eCommerce sites will save the user’s time, and this is what makes a business profitable by providing the best customer experience. The most commonly used voice assistants in retail and eCommerce are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice commerce technology does not only facilitates users to search for the product, but it also assists in purchasing the product. With voice assistance, the entire process becomes faster and effective.

Healthcare Sector

Primarily, there are two main groups of voice assistants in the healthcare sector. Some programs are designed and developed for healthcare professionals, and others are for patients. Many doctors and nurses use these apps to capture access records and analyze patient-related data.

Hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions pursue modules that save time. Voice assistants, in this regard, has changed the entire healthcare sector. For instance, virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology offers 24/7 support to patients.

Patients suffering from both acute and chronic health disorders often face flare-ups. At the same time, disabled patients have difficulty conveying their messages as well as they often need a family caregiver. Voice assistants are fantastic technology for patients. Using them, patients can contact health professionals fast. Read more about Voice Technology in healthcare in this article.

Media & Entertainment

Voice apps offer a whole new medium for the media and entertainment sectors. Companies in these industries are using voice technology to make characters and stories with custom audio, which replicates brand personas.

The technology has moved over daily commands – as it is rapidly becoming the most engaging platform for media, news, and entertainment industries. You can access your selected news channels using voice assistant apps.

Smart Home Applications

Voice assistants have improved the lifestyle of people in many aspects, including household life. The internet of things (IoT) has changed the entire spectrum of livelihoods. For example, we use a wide range of smart products in our daily lives, such as smartphones, thermostats, air conditioners, televisions, security cameras, locks, music systems, etc.

You can watch the person knocking at your door from a remote distance using your smartphone. If you want to let him or her inside the house, you will use a voice command, such as “open the door.” On the other hand, if the person is an intruder, you can activate the alarm as well as send notifications to the nearby police station.

Similarly, if you are not feeling comfortable at night in the hot summer, you can lower the room’s temperature through the thermostat using your voice command. The exciting thing is that there is no need for you to go outside and do it manually. You will say, “Hey, Siri, lower the temperature to 18 degrees Celsius.”

Final Words

Voice assistants are apps and programs based on AI and machine learning technology. These programs have made our lives more comfortable than ever. We have already explained the utility of voice assistants in various aspects of daily life. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are considered some of the best voice assistants.

Thanks to advancements in machine learning, there are many benefits of voice assistants. For instance, in the business sector, a voice assistant is used to cut down the time and solve problems efficiently. So, if you are running a business, it is essential to incorporate voice assistant programs.

Finally, voice assistants are helping people, businesses, and industries in many aspects. However, the technology is still developing, and we will see many more advancements soon.

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