Voice technologies in health care
Voice Recognition
July 10, 2020

Voice technologies in health care

A project on voice filling in medical protocols is implemented in more than 20 hospitals in Russia.

The solution is based on Voice2med, a product based on artificial intelligence that allows you to fill out medical documents in real-time. During the examination, the doctor uses a special microphone to dictate information that is immediately decoded and automatically transferred to the open Protocol of the medical information system.

High-quality speech recognition and connection of thematic language models provide a fully completed medical Protocol that requires a minimum of adjustments, immediately after the patient's examination is completed. Voice2med also saves doctors ' time: filling out documentation with voice is on average 22% faster than the traditional method. Now specialists can fill out the Protocol in parallel with working on medical equipment.

The new technology began testing in February 2020 in four hospitals in the region. The project was recognized as a success, and its implementation in other medical organizations of the Republic will begin in July. The solution will be installed in 16 regional hospitals and clinics in Mordovia, as well as in all major medical institutions of the national level and children's clinics in Saransk. The company has already signed contracts with medical institutions.

What creators say

"Our product correctly recognizes all medical terms and expressions, and the recognition reliability reaches 97-98%. I am sure that in the future, the introduction of a voice filling system for medical protocols will become an effective tool not only for diagnosticians but also for other specialists. The solution is already working in radiology departments of Moscow city polyclinics, and we welcome its scaling to the regions."

"Documenting the treatment process and preparing medical documents takes up a significant part of the time allocated for the examination of the patient, even in clinics with a high level of automation. The project has already shown high efficiency of voice filling in medical protocols. The Voice2med solution allows you to focus on the patient rather than on documents while improving the quality of information recorded in electronic medical records."

"The new technology significantly optimizes the work of radiologists, reducing the time to prepare research protocols. Specialists have more time to carefully analyze the results of the study and the patient's medical documents, which in turn improves the quality of medical care."


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