Speech-to-Text conversion

Let your customers type with their voice easy

It is possible to catch all user speech and use it for typing and searching. Security is an essential topic for us, so the user can only fill text inputs that are not disabled or hidden. It is not allowed to type passwords or in hidden fields.

Voxpow service trying to find all input or text fields on a particular page, and when the voice tracker is activated, and the user clicks on a text or input field, he sees the change in the widget, inviting him to write with voice. Everything from now on will be converted to text with the power of speech-to-text cloud conversion.

Noise robustness

Our Speech-to-Text services can handle noisy audio from many environments without requiring additional noise cancellation.

Other important facts

  • enabling users to search audio content for words or phrases;
  • audio-to-text conversion accuracy rates of greater than 96%;
  • typical search queries with latency of just 50 milliseconds.