What is Voice Dictation, and why should we use it?
Speech Recognition
Aug. 24, 2020

What is Voice Dictation, and why should we use it?

Voice dictation is an exciting technology, which helps people with writing problems. People can use this technology to speak words, which are then converted into writing. Dictation technology is another term for voice to text and speech to text. In general, it is a voice recognition technology that is rapidly becoming an integral part of people’s lives.

The importance of Voice Dictation Technology

Advancements in technology have allowed researchers and computer scientists to develop programs, apps, and tools that are useful in various aspects. A voice dictation tool, for instance, can help people write articles, blog posts, journals, notes, etc. using their voices.

Instead of using a keyboard or hand that takes a lot of time to write, a voice dictation app or software saves time, provides efficiency, and makes users productive.

Children with writing problems often find it challenging to write their homework. Dictation technology helps in many ways. It improves the motor skills of children with writing issues and allows them to write comfortably.

Previously, children with health issues like dyslexia would go through a lot of stress while writing their assignments. With the development of speech to text technology and its incorporation in educational institutions is a sigh of relief for many students.

Students with poor handwriting also benefit from voice dictation tools, and they use such programs to create text easily. Many students in the school have spelling programs, which means they don’t perform well in exams. With the incorporation of dictation technology in the examination system, they will have opportunities to overcome this difficulty.

Besides, it is an advanced technology that allows people of all ages to write smoothly without any hassle and frustration. For example, if you are a content developer that offers writing services to your clients, you may not take as many orders as you want. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to write projects. Therefore, you can use a voice dictation tool to write quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Voice Dictation Technology

In general, people consider speech-to-text and speech recognition as the same technologies. Although these technologies show similarities, they are different in many ways. A voice recognition technology recognizes a specific voice, whereas a speech to text technology identifies voice patterns and convert them into text. Here are a few benefits of voice dictation technology.

Speed and efficiency

Using a dictation tool, people can easily double their writing speed. For instance, when you talk fast, the tool will recognize your voice and convert it into text. Typically, people can write 40 words in a minute.

So, with a dictation tool, you will reach the speed of 80 words per minute. Some tools are much more productive, which allows you to reach even 100 words per minute. It is essential to make yourself familiar with the tool you are using – so that you can achieve your writing objectives.

Some tools available on the market even comes with spelling correction features. For example, if you speak aloud and fast, the software may not identify the correct pattern and misspell it. In such a situation, you don’t have to stop speaking because the tool will make the corrections itself.

Anyway, a voice dictation tool allows you to write 100 words per minute, which becomes 6,000 words per hour. Compared to writing via a keyboard that enables you to write 40 words per minute and 2400 words per hour, the latter will double the speed. If you maintain this speed, you can write a 200,000 words novel in about 40 hours.

Better Health

If you are wondering how a voice dictation software can enhance your health, then let us tell you about it. When you use a keyboard to write continuously, it will tire muscles in your hands, and particularly in your fingers.

On the other hand, with voice dictation technology, it is not necessary to sit in front of your laptop screen. It means you can stand and walk around while continuing the process of writing.

Blood circulation is vital for your overall health, including the maintenance of homeostatic and metabolic processes in your body. A voice dictation software enables you to move around, sit, stand, lay down, and do other things.

Well-organized work

You can use dictation to create a variety of documents, lists, and emails. Currently, people use traditional writing methods that have slow turnaround times. A voice dictation app or software enables you to emphasize your core competencies than wasting time and energy on typing and formatting.

With voice dictation, it is easy to organize your work. For instance, you can record and organize your thoughts quickly in your documents and projects.

Some tools have additional features, such as playback functions that include inserting, overwriting, and appending, which enables you to edit and organize your writing.

Cloud Flexibility

There is no need for you to stay in the office for dictation or use a bulky computer or laptop. You can use your smartphone to write your documents. Almost all voice dictation software programs have excellent compatibility with smartphones.

So, you can save your time dictating documents while on the go or traveling. Time management is the most crucial element of voice dictation software.

Likewise, you can send your documents through emails as well as upload them to your cloud support service. The aim is to automate and outsource transcriptions as well as reduce the likelihood of spending money on hiring professional typists.

Final words

There are various advantages of voice dictation software or tools available online. Using such a tool will enable you to save time, turn your voice into text three times faster, and achieve 99% accuracy.

Many research studies and white papers have highlighted the essential features of this technology, which include the improvement of a person’s cognitive skills and functions. You can voice your ideas and thoughts aloud to improve your memory, spelling, pronunciation, and voice quality.

A dictation software or tool reduces your efforts, keeps your mind active, and makes you productive. Lastly, you will find a wide range of voice dictation tools on the market. However, not all of them are up to the mark. Therefore, choosing the right one is essential.

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