Voice Technology trends in Digital Marketing
Voice Recognition
Aug. 19, 2020

Voice Technology trends in Digital Marketing

Everything Digital Marketers need to know about Voice Technology trends

There has been a massive shift to voice technology in recent years, where consumers can see many more products with speech software and voice control options. Voice technology is evolving rapidly, and so are the voice technology trends; this is why digital marketers need to be updated to benefit from them rightfully.

A very recent wave of voice technology can be seen with Amazon’s Alexa, a device that takes command from the user based on speech synthesis. Alexa has sold thousands of pieces due to its accessibility, convenience, and accuracy.

Here are few voice tech trends for marketing that we can see booming the coming years and are worth knowing about.

Smart Voice Searches

Smart voice searches are a popular trend within consumers, and they can use this option on smart speakers, their laptops, and their mobile devices. Do you know what percentage of searches are voice? Data reveals that up to 60 million people have smart speakers in their homes, and the use of such products will only grow further.

In addition to this, over 58% of people in the last year have used voice searches to look for businesses, places of interest, cafes, restaurants, and doctors. These voice search statistics easily tell how voice technology is a great tool for digital media marketers who work for smaller and local businesses.

Consumers can not just search for something using a voice command. They can also use the same feature to make reservations, book slots, and get more information regarding different products and services.

Speech-to-Text features

Speech to text is very useful, and a lot more platforms have this option now. It saves time from typing down passages as an AI can detect the language and type it out for you. The MS word can also detect voices and type out the text without the user having to manually do it.

This is very helpful for many people who are looking to save time. It can be used in the comments and feedback section, which can help digital media marketers engage a lot better with their audience.

Many people hesitate to leave feedback, as the process is long, but a quick speech to text option can really speed things up and add a lot more convenience.

Text-to-Speech features

Text to speech options or the 'read aloud' feature is also commonly found on a lot of popular pages and web searches. This helps digital marketers expand their audience to people who cannot benefit from the usual way content is presented.

Suppose you have the text to speech voice feature. In that case, it can open a gateway to those with visual disabilities, learning disabilities, emigrants, and people who are not fluent in the native tongue and a lot more people.

Text to speech allows people to truly navigate through content, understand what it means, and this inevitably benefits local businesses and conglomerates.

Conversational Marketing

Digital media marketing trends are also incorporating voice technology within different stages of the marketing funnel. More consumers are looking for a much more interactive experience in terms of customer service, and this is exactly where voice technology can help.

Voice technology in marketing creates a much more authentic, one on one experience with the customer, and they appreciate it a lot more than a chatbot or automated replies. It also allows a buyer to trust advertisements, engage with people, and move much more quickly down the marketing funnel.

Voice and Data Analytics

Using voice technology throughout your marketing funnel can reveal a whole new set of records on what the consumer prefers and talks about. If you can establish a voice bot, or automated voice assistance set up on your webpage, it can reveal analytics and data that can help improve your service.

Such insights can reveal

  • What products are more popular
  • How much is consumer surplus
  • Or how long the average person spends engaging with your platform.

Digital Customer Assistance

Voice technology is changing the way businesses offer customer assistance. Nowadays, consumers want the value for their time, money, and energy, hence it is important to cater to all these aspects with the right tools.

Speech software allows them to have a custom build solution as per their demands. This way, they engage better and are much more willing to trust your brand with the purchase as compared to automated texts and descriptions.

Voice-Activated car assistance

Driving has become a lot smoother ever since voice technology has evolved. Speech AI and assistance software allow drivers to drive and get their work done simultaneously. A simple command such as 'play Mozart!' can start some light music in the car instead of the driver having to fidget with the stereo while driving.

Many models have inbuilt car solutions that can help drivers stay focused on the road and provide GPS assistance. Other car features like seat recline, temperature control, console control, and checking the overall status of the car.

Brands can use this to create an experience unique to the customers, and custom-built within cars, so the consumer enjoys the special features and luxury of auto voice technology.

You can read more about in-car speech recognition in this article.

The future of Voice Technology in Digital Marketing trends

Voice technology is budding, and a lot more people are making use of it to make their daily lives easier. Brands are releasing podcasts and audios to engage with their audience. Similarly, data shows that 52% of voice assistant users use the feature several times a day.

The figure has risen after the COVID-19 outbreak, as people use it a lot more when quarantined in their homes. This is a great opportunity for digital media marketers to create a one on one interaction with their core audiences.

Voice technology in marketing can help establish trust, and more so, reveal where businesses and brands can improve throughout the marketing funnel.

Voice Technology trends: The Final Verdict

Digital media market trends need to corroborate with the rising use of voice technology. This can open new avenues of marketing and interacting with the customer. Digital conversational marketing is beneficial for both brands and marketers to explore such features and make the entire customer experience, completely hassle-free.

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