9 reasons to start a Podcast: the must-have media of the now
Aug. 13, 2020

9 reasons to start a Podcast: the must-have media of the now

Podcasts are growing popular with their accessibility and ease amongst businesses and other users as they make use of voice technology to connect and engage with your audience. This is the simplest podcast definition. However, you may find yourself asking the questions;

  • Why should I start a podcast?
  • Is starting a podcast a good idea?
  • How much does it cost to start a podcast?
  • How much does it cost to run a podcast?

If you are someone looking towards starting a podcast but don't know whether it is the best option, then this is definitely a read for you. Here are a few reasons why investing in a podcast might be an excellent option for your brand or business.

Convenient For the Consumer

50% of all US homes are podcast fans and are avid podcast listeners. People nowadays think it’s much more convenient to listen to audio, instead of going through pages of text.

Currently, there are around 46 million podcast listeners in the US alone. The podcast community shows significant growth over the past years, which is why further growth is expected at a faster rate.

Many brands and businesses are switching to podcasts to create exciting content. This allows them to engage with their audience, as they find it easier and in compliance with an average man’s attention span.

It does not require a lot of investment

Starting a podcast does not require a heavy investment. So, what equipment do you need to start a podcast? The main podcast equipment you might have to invest in is a good-quality microphone to start a podcast. You might require two depending on the format of your podcasts and whether or not you plan to entertain guests.

A good microphone makes the voice crisp and clear, giving users an even more engaging experience. Apart from this equipment, you need software to edit your podcast and an average computer that can easily run your software.

Most people already own the initial equipment, and a good microphone can cost under $100. This is all you need to get started right away.

A better way could be to use Text-To-Speech service to have your audio. It will remove the need to buy a microphone. The current state of the technology allows to have a natural-sounding voice without any robotic sounds. Deep Learning methods are very advanced, and in some cases, it is challenging to identify that speech is synthesized by a computer.

Easier for long-term engagement with audience

Speaking to someone will always have a much more interpersonal relationship. Over time, people recognize your voice, mannerisms, and they become a part of your brand. This makes it easier for you to respond to their questions, criticism, and comments.

On social media, it’s very easy to alienate people sitting on the other side of the screen; however, voice technology creates an experience where the user feels a lot more comfortable in the conversation.

You can use this to your benefit to create an actively engaging viewership for different topics and guests.

Build your own audience

Blogs aren’t the only way to build your viewership and audience. Your podcasts, too, can attract audiences who are interested in different kinds of topics.

If you focus your resources on retaining an audience, your fan base can grow into people who are loyal listeners and will keep up with your show.

This way, you will have more and more people looking forward to the next episode, as long as you keep it interesting and engaging. Over time, your popularity can grow, and viewership will expand.

You can add your podcasts to popular platforms such as iTunes or Sound cloud so that people can look for certain topics.

Try using focus keywords and attention-grabbing titles for the most clicks.

Creating a Podcast

Monetize your podcast

Do podcasts make money? Well, with the advancements of social media platforms, you can monetize your podcasts as well. You can generate income from sponsors, ads, and other media monetization available to content creators. Now, how do I get sponsors for my podcast?

As your viewership increases, sponsors and collaborators approach you to talk about their goods or services. This way you can charge them a certain fee, for a certain kind of advertisement.

You can also divert your audience to different affiliate links to earn per click or websites, and social media handles to generate more traffic for different companies.

Benefits your brand image

You can very easily implement features of your personal brand or business within the podcast. That means talking about it, using it during marketing on different platforms, or mentioning it with different guests.

It helps people remember your brand and make it a common household name. Moreover, you can implement your logo, catchphrase, graphic edits in your podcast as well.

People can affiliate the brand with their favorite podcast, and look towards the good or service your brand may offer.

Promote your business and products

Another great benefit of podcasts is that it can be used as a platform to promote your business or products.

Podcasting business, you can talk about a variety of goods and services you might be selling. Many podcasts are used to promote books, courses, online services, and other kinds of consultancy.

You can promote your social media handles, website links, or download links to connect and engage your listeners. This way, you divert your audience towards your product or service.

Less hectic than other mediums

Speaking has always been easier than writing a 2500 word blog to explain an idea or thing. You can fluently translate your ideas, instead of trying to translate them in text.

A podcast is similar to striking a conversation with your listener. This way, they tend to be more focused on what you are trying to explain and understand it better.

This is also why, in recent years, audiobooks have grown more popular than e-publications. Data reveals that 22% of podcast listeners choose to listen while driving.

With the busy life of the common man, it’s easier to listen to an audio while driving, doing chores, and also simultaneously enjoying interesting content.

These were the top reasons to start a podcast. You also have the creative freedom to explore different topics, formats, and styles of conducting the podcast according to your audience and genre.

So, do let us know, "is it worth starting a podcast for you?

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