A new feature from 6th of September: Interactive popup over voice widget
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Sept. 6, 2020

A new feature from 6th of September: Interactive popup over voice widget

We want to share with you some exciting news: popups with more information are now available as an option for every voice widget (tracker).

Every customer can find a new switch in the tracker panel. It controls if the small popup should appear above the voice widget. You can also add custom text and emoji. The main goal of this functionality is to increase interactivity and widget usage, as some clients wanted to give additional intent to customers to use their voice.

Voice Widgets Popups

How does it look like for the website visitors?

The next important question is how this new functionality will look on the client websites. We already have a predefined style, which suits your current theme for the tracker. For sure, you can modify all the styles and look from the Custom CSS builder.

Popup on voice tracker

The website visitor can click on this balloon (or popup) and it will have all the features, like click on the microphone icon of the widget. It is a small thing but should increase customer interactions, as it will give the visitors some better insight into - what is that small microphone icon over there.


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