How to improve search in WordPress?
Speech Recognition
April 17, 2021

How to improve search in WordPress?

Most of the websites today are made via WordPress. Considering that, competition for online presence has increased, and website owners are desperate to make their website more appealing and relevant for their users. One of those ways is to improve search functionality in WordPress.

The question that would arise is: can we improve search in WordPress? The simple answer is: yes, you absolutely can. However, it requires some in-depth knowledge of website building, search optimization, and external plugins. We have discussed a few ways you can improve search on WordPress.

Top ways to improve search in WordPress

Here are some unique ways you can improve search in your WordPress website:

WordPress plugin for Speech Recognition

You can add a speech recognition plugin to your WordPress website. This is an external software that will recognize the words you uttered in your speech and perform tasks relevant to those uttered words. There are two unique paradigms to it:

Voice Search for websites

You may have noticed an option for speech recognition on Google. You say anything, and Google interprets it into a sentence and does a search accordingly. This is the same paradigm the speech recognition plugin for WordPress will do. You won’t have to type anything, all you’ll need is to say a sentence, and the website plugin will interpret the sentence in text form and do the search accordingly.

There are very few reliable plugin providers for speech recognition on WordPress. Our solution gives you very advanced functionality and feasible features for the best optimization of your website and searches on it.

Voice Commands for websites

Voice commands, on the other hand, are telling the website to do anything. Like any speech recognition, you can say something to control a device. The software interprets it in the form of a sentence and does a task accordingly. However, do note that a voice command is different from a “voice search”. While in the search, you are looking for something, you are directing a website to do something in a command.

Structure the website coherently

Well, searches are not always through a tool. Some people like to search a website manually. For those users, you will have to structure your website coherently with an elaborate pattern. Moreover, the website should be subdivided into its components coherently.

Proper structuring of the website will allow people to traverse it properly and get to exactly where they want. A website with blog or other features placed randomly without an elaborate pattern will become quite a nuisance for the users. Moreover, if they are not given a content list or tabs through which they can go where they want, users will stop visiting the website sooner or later.

website structure

Choose to "Search by Relevance"

There are many options for searching in WordPress. For example, one paradigm used in the past was searched by the time content was posted. While it may be helpful if you are searching for older posts or posts according to time, most users do not want that. On the contrary, they want to get to the exact content they are looking for.

Choosing to search by the relevance of the search will enable that. Like on Google, individuals will have to type a keyword, and it will automatically give them all the results relevant to that keyword.

Add emphasis on titles of blog

If you look at the optimization rules, adding Emphasis on the title or some of the content can be very beneficial. The WordPress search will prioritize those results and provide them to the users accordingly.

On the other hand, titles and excerpts that are not emphasized will not be prioritized, and there is a higher probability that a user will miss those results. Furthermore, this Emphasis will also help the users searching manually since an emphasis is more likely to get a user’s attention or focus. So, it’s a win-win scenario for all types of searches.

Optimize your Search Engine Results

We all know about Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). However, one would ask, “What does SEO have to do with WordPress searches?” Well, it’s a valid question, but remember that the algorithms used by WordPress or any other type of search engine (like Google) have a lot of similarities. And optimizing it accordingly will surely benefit you.

Moving on, you can also search a WordPress website via Google. So, you can search the particular keywords on Google, and if your website comes on the top, it would be a good thing since it will bring more users to your website, accordingly.

Use Analytics to track visitor searches

This is also an excellent strategy you can make use of. If you use Google Analytics on your WordPress website, you will know what the visitors to your website usually search for. Then you can signify content relevant to those searches using the features provided by WordPress.

Now, the next time anyone makes that search (or a related search) on your website, from what you found on analytics, WordPress will take them to the content they are most likely looking for. If it’s not that, then you can change the result accordingly until you get to the right one.

google analytics tracking voice searches


These are the various ways you can improve search in WordPress. However, you need not add all of them, as it will improve complexity. We believe that a WordPress plugin for speech recognition would be sufficient for you.

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