How to improve the accuracy of Speech-to-Text technology?
Speech Recognition
Aug. 26, 2020

How to improve the accuracy of Speech-to-Text technology?

Being misunderstood is always frustrating whether it is by a person or a speech recognition tool. It is always stressful when you are being misinterpreted or transcribed inaccurately. Even though we can’t do much about the people in this regard, we have an opportunity to improve the accuracy of our text to speech technology in a more effective way.

Are you having some trouble with your text to speech technology? Here we have some effective tips for you that will help you in improving its accuracy in a more effective way.

Notice some dictating points

Here we have some dictating tips for you to consider for improved results:

  • speak in an even tone and clarity. If you are whispering, then words could not be interpreted in the correct way;
  • it is always better to pause before and after a command while avoid taking a pause in the midst of command issuance. So that it could not be interpreted as a dictation;
  • prefer to speak in complete sentences even including punctuation, to give proper context.

How to improve text to speech technology’s accuracy?

Here are the ways you can consider to bring improvement in your text to speech technology in the best possible way:

Understand the type of errors

A text to speech tool more often comes up with the array of words based on what it has heard. This is what the tools have been designed to do. However, deciding which words string it has heard can become a bit tricky for it. Therefore, there can occur errors that can throw users off.

While guessing the wrong word is one of the classic problems in speech technology because they present all kinds of potential mishearing that sound similar. But a whole sentence might make some sense.

Use high-quality headset microphone

Using a high-quality headset microphone is one of the most important factors to improve voice recognition. It is because these are not only capable of catching the right words, but also have the ability to hold a microphone in front of your mouth at a consistent position directly. Therefore, these can offer more desirable. This can help you in getting more desirable speech recognition results by remaining positioned consistently.

Make corrections

Most commonly speech technology learns from the corrections that are being made by you. It is because most of these tools are based on artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Therefore, these will be going to learn your corrected words and will use those for the next time.

Use automatic formatting

There are some tools available in the speech recognition technology that offer automatic formatting solutions. These can help in formatting various types of text automatically. It can also help your text to speech solutions to format specific phrases and words as per your preferences.

There is a continuous improvement in text to speech technology but speech recognition systems are having great difficulty in attaining 99% accuracy. However, considering these some effective tips can help you in getting better results.

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