5 key indications for importance of Voice Assistants
Voice Recognition
July 21, 2020

5 key indications for importance of Voice Assistants

Following its emergence in 2011, voice assistance has become an integral part of our modern world. Siri’s introduction has changed the way of doing work.

Several voice technologies, as well as speech recognition such as Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Echo, are helping us in doing our daily activities from home administration to driving and controlling modern appliances.

With each passing day, modernization is advancing in traditional technologies. Previously, we’ve to perform manual actions to operate gadgets. Now, this can be done via voice commands.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other famous companies are working to improve current voice technologies. Looking at this, we’ve made five key indications that’ll surely change the dimensions of modern inventions.

Aerodynamic Conversations

Lately, Google, as well as Amazon proclaimed, their branded voice/digital assistants, will not need you to speak “wake” terms again and again. Currently, you need to say “OK Google/Alexa” for giving another instruction.

Let’s have an illustration here, “Alexa, what’s the temperature at the guest room thermostat?” but in a few seconds, you realized that you need to change the temperature. You’ll need to speak “Alexa” one more time before saying, “Maintain the guest room temperature to 20 celsius.”

However, both of these branded voice assistants still need a lot of improvements because there’s a huge difference in speaking accents of people at different locations.

Unification and Compatibility

Incorporation of reliable voice technologies and speech appreciation has been in trend for several years. We’ve seen voice assistants work perfectly on smartphones and several other contemporary appliances.

Now, refrigerators, ovens, ACs, and additional modern gadgets are integrated with digital assistants. Some of these gadgets aren’t compatible with modern voice/digital assistants. Well-known companies have been working to make voice automation as well as speech recognition compatible.

Automated Voice Notifications

Automated voice notifications tend to be the latest trend and are in demand for several years. Moreover, these are gaining importance because you can easily keep your app users engaged.

This notification type can remind your app’s end users about the important pending tasks. Further, you can easily display messages to app users.

Apparently, tech companies are allowing end-users to permit voice notification for the arbitrator apps that are compatible with modern voice assistance.

Safety Improvements

Nearly 50% of voice/ digital assistant end users have concerns over privacy and security. Until now, voice/digital assistants use for finding movie times, buying tickets, booking restaurants, booking Uber, and finding locations appear authentic.

For transferring sensitive data and online voice payments, voice assistants aren’t considered a safe option. To make it a safe choice, the need for integrating new security features is in demand.

Personalized Experiences

Digital assistants are getting improved by comprehending different voices for offering best-personalized experiences. Now, only Google Nest or Home detects rare tones and supports a maximum of six special sounds on the same device.

Multiple users can use a single device to set events on the calendar. Google detects/records voice, and creates a separate voice profile for each voice.

Voice Technology survey

In our short survey, we ask near 1000 people how and why they use voice technologies currently.

Our first question asked users what purposes they use to look up information on their smartphones. We asked a people, currently, using voice technology and multiple answers were allowed, that's why the sum can go beyond 100% (every person can vote for more that one best response)


The second question we ask is how often a smart speaker is used for searching data.



The importance of voice technologies and speech recognition has amplified since their revival in the last decade. Voice assistants are improving day by day, and depending on these improvements, experts forecasted five key indications. These indications will surely modify the dimensions of new voice technologies.

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