GA synchronization

Advanced Analytics measuring and taking Data-Driven decisions

One of our Voxpow most wanted features was synchronization with Google Analytics. It is now a fact, and you can easily enjoy seeing your data in the Google Analytics dashboard.

The idea is simple: send events to Google Analytics and take the whole context for your website visitors to perform an advanced analysis of how users are using voice technologies and how much they worth to you.

With the new feature, you need to turn one switch ON in your tracker settings, and Voxpow will start using your JavaScript GA object to send custom events to Analytics. It is up to you to set up goals for those events or monitor the "Events F

How to turn on events sending

You need to create a tracker as per the base instructions of using Voxpow. After that, on the tracker page, you should enable "Send events to Google Analytics on different important user actions".


How it works

We wanted to make it as simple as possible, so it uses the built-in Google Analytics JavaScript object and sends an event to your property. You don't need to insert your GA ID anywhere, but you need to have it installed on your website correctly. If you have any troubles and don't see the information in Analytics, you can perform a quick debug and open the browser JavaScript console to see any messages.

Reports in Analytics

When you are ready with settings, you can perform some test voice searches or voice commands to your website. In "Real-Time" reports, you should be able to see something similar to:


Another useful report for you can be "Behaviour" -> "Events" -> "Events Flow":


Keep in mind that we make this synchronization for the most used GA installation code, and it should work for almost all cases, but is don't provide 100% coverage of GA install methods & old libraries.